Saturday, September 1, 2012

Griffith Park Pony Ride

Saturday, September 1, 2012
My Cost: $3.00

4400 Crystal Springs Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90027

It was such a bummer to me that the first day of the 3-day Labor Day weekend turned out to be a regular work day for Omar. They had to be closed on Monday, so they worked on Saturday instead, because I guess there is no such thing as a 3-day weekend in the cheesecake business! But the bummer didn't last for long because a friend texted me and asked if we'd like to meet her family (she has three kids) at the Griffith Park Pony Ride!

I had never been to the pony rides - and honestly, I probably wouldn't have gone on my own. I would have thought my kids were too young! But it turns out kids are allowed on the ponies starting at 1 year old, and can ride all the way up until their weight passes 100 pounds! They have options of Slow, Medium, or Fast ponies. They also have a pony carousel, called the Pony Sweep, for those parents who want the option of walking alongside their children the first time. And, if you have an infant, you can always take the Wagon Ride, which has no age or weight limit. The whole family rides in a wagon, (with a covering for shade,) drawn by two mules, (I think they were mules.)

All rides cost $3.00, cash only. Hours are from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, except for the warmer six months (March-August) they stay open until 4:30 pm. They are open Tues-Sat, and also all Mondays that are holidays.  Here are the rules of the pony rides (click the photo to enlarge):

Here are some pictures of the track, and of my brave girl going on her first ride all by herself, (she probably would have done better on the Pony Sweep, lol!)

The Wagon Ride

Vivi waving "bye-bye" to the Wagon Ride.

The Pony Sweep. (Everything is fenced off, so Vivi was okay to run around and enjoy all the animals, as long as we got out of the way of the Wagon Ride.)

Being saddled up by the Pony Ride employee. They put a secure belt around the kids so they won't slip off the side.

They have "spotters" in the middle of the track in case anything happens, and this man walked alongside Vivi as soon as she started crying, which I really appreciated!
There are also other family things to do besides just the ponies. There are restrooms, two snack bars, picnic tables, and even a booth with toys for sale. The Griffith Park & Southern Train Ride is just steps away, so these amenities are shared by both attractions. Oh, and there are at least three parking lots available, so they really work to accommodate everyone!

The Pony Ride Refreshment Stand. I thought I took more pictures of the other amenities, but I guess I didn't...

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