Saturday, September 1, 2012

Griffith Park & Southern Railroad

Saturday, September 1, 2012
My Cost: $2.50

4400 Crystal Springs Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90027

After the Griffith Park Pony Ride, (my previous post,) I thought we would also go for a train ride! This would give little Alex a chance to ride something too, since he's not old enough for the ponies. Plus, it is free for kids under 19 months old, so it was cheaper than a Wagon Ride. (Vivi is four days away from turning 19 months old!) 

The Griffith Park & Southern Railroad is just steps from the ponies. It has a long history, and I learned there has been a train ride in this location for over sixty years! In between the train and pony rides are two snack bars, picnic tables, and even a toy booth. It's a very carnival type atmosphere. And for families with bigger kids than my little tiny ones, they could spend a nice afternoon riding and eating. But I had one child in the front carrier, and I had to hold the other to keep her from running off while I stood in line, and they each weigh at least 20 pounds, so I knew we'd just ride the train and go home, to save me from too much extra stress. Here are the pictures that document the whole experience:

Next to the train depot is the Pinwheel Palace toy booth, and there's a small scale water tower in the background.

The cute Los Feliz Passenger Station, est. 1947, where you buy your tickets.

The prices are the same here as at the train ride in Travel Town, and they do take credit, debit and cash.
The "Colonel Griffith" 2-8-0 locomotive built by Severn Lamb Ltd. in 1983.
Severn Lamb are transportation replica manufacturers who have also built models for the Smithsonian!

The locomotive and the engineer!

A man in the train car in front of us took a nice picture - finally I get in a picture!

A view of the train platform from the train - a little tilty!

The view as we passed the snack bars.

The engineer really sped up into this curve, which was pretty exciting!
And he turns around and waves to the train passengers, which is fun for the kids.

The bridge over a tiny creek. (To the right there's a fence and then southbound I-5 traffic speeding by.) 

Heading into the manmade tunnel.

Passing this boxcar reminded me of the Boxcar Children books I used to read as a kid!

The depot, Pinwheel Palace, and a snack bar as seen from the far side of the tracks.

The train goes through this "Western Town," and there's even a cowboy mannequin coming out of the saloon!

The rest of the Western Town dappled in shadows.

Coming around the other big curve in the tracks, there's a cactus garden!

The repair sheds at the end of the line.
They make all the buildings look like part of a town, to fit the ride theme.

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