Tuesday, August 21, 2012

De Longpre Park

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
My Cost: FREE!

1350 N Cherokee Ave

After visiting the Hollywood Bowl Museum, we still had some time to kill before visiting my friend's 4:00 rehearsal at the Musicians Union. So I found a pocket park (using my GPS - comes in handy!) between the Hollywod Bowl and the Musicians Union. De Longpre Park looked like it could be a nicer park than it actually is at the moment. The facilities are a little neglected, like the plants around the Rudolph Valentino Monument, (which was a surprise to see in and of itself.) Also, I really didn't appreciate the children's playground being used mostly as an after-school cafeteria for high school students, who leave their 7-11 junk food trash right on the playground equipment, and then loiter while exploring their hormones with each other. I was debating in my mind if the signage that prohibited any adults without children from being in the play area should apply to them. And there were no other children besides us. 

We finally left when two men, each with at least two aggressive dogs, came into the park and each proceeded to yell loudly at their dogs. Some of the dogs were muzzled. It just wasn't a great park experience. But you couldn't tell from the pictures!

Aspiration - Rudolph Valentino Monument.

Swings are Vivi's perennial favorite!

One section of playground equipment.

The other section of playground equipment, and Alex parked in the stroller.


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