Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hollywood Bowl Museum

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
My Cost: FREE!

2301 North Highland Avenue

I decided after lunch at IKEA that we would go somewhere for a few hours, then visit my friend's band rehearsal at the Musicians Union Local 47 in Hollywood at 4:00. 

I tried to think of what might be a kid-friendly, free activity along the way - perhaps in Hollywood - and I decided on the Hollywood Bowl Museum. I had the idea that it was located somewhere across the street from the Bowl or tucked away somewhere in the neighborhood, but I was wrong. It is actually the first building you see when driving into the main parking lot for the Bowl, and not far past it is the Box Office. Unfortunately I was driving and didn't get a good picture of the exterior. But that's okay, just pull in to the main entrance and you can't miss it.

It's open year-round, but the hours are longer during the Bowl season (i.e. when the Bowl is open for shows.) From July through mid-September it is open from 10:00 am until show time Tuesday through Saturday, and Sunday it is open from 4:00 pm until show time. In the off season (mid September through June) the hours are 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Tuesday through Friday, and Saturday by appointment.

Walking from our van to the museum we took in a few sights:

An information directory.
The box office - not too busy! 
Next to the museum door - the hours.
We entered from the upstairs terrace, (because it is hilly terrain, and one of the driveways on the hill goes right past it.) The museum is two levels, the first floor being permanent exhibit, and the second floor rotates I think once a year. The current exhibit - which opened last month - is Música y Sabor: Latin Artists at the Hollywood Bowl. On display are programs, photographs and posters chronicling the Spanish-speaking artists from Spain, Central- and South-America that have performed at the Bowl since the 1920s. There are also two interactive computer displays. One allows you to listen to musical samples of the more recent performances (sorry, no sound from the 1920s,) and I don't remember what the other one showed, because I was chasing after Vivi. 

Had to get a picture of  this display: Willie Colón and his trombone!
Vivi put the dance floor to good use!
It looks like she's popping and locking!

The interactive listening station.

As an 18-month-old, she's really more interested in the simple things - like windows...

...and stairs. She went all the way up and all the way down, then half-way up and half-way down. 
And I got to follow her the whole way carrying her little brother. Whee!

My favorite part of the main exhibit on the first floor were the televisions showing clips. Some would be clips of shows, and one was even clips of different movie scenes filmed at the Hollywood Bowl. It was very interesting, and I could have stayed there a long time browsing (especially since we were the only people there,) but Vivi kept running out to the lobby to try and shoplift some of the souvenirs that were for sale.

The main exhibit hall on the first floor.

I dug these models of different stage shells they have had, including the current one (foreground.)

The view from the other side of the main exhibit.

Vivi was kissing each program one-by-one. Don't worry - they're under plexiglass.
 I finally took the kids and hiked us back to the car. I contemplated walking up to the seating area, but I was, quite frankly, worn out already from carrying one baby in a front-carrier, and holding the other one to keep her from running out into traffic. This isn't a super kid-friendly place either, quite frankly, at least not for the really young ones.

I did notice that Diana Krall has two shows this weekend. That would be another great date idea! Or to go hear Orff's Cantata, Carmina Burana, next week. I think that's the classical piece most often used or immitated in action movie soundtracks, so you can go hear the original and say to yourself, "yeah, I've heard this before - on that one movie!"

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