Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sun Valley Branch Library

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
My Cost: FREE!

7935 Vineland Avenue
Sun Valley, CA 91352

I had to take my kids to the library today to track down a missing book. Last week I had a book to return, but hadn't wanted to go to the trouble to get both kids out of their car seats and into my heavy double stroller just so I could hand a book to the librarian and leave, so I had rolled the van window down and given the book to a woman who was walking into the library with her daughter. I was pretty proud of my inventive solution until this morning, when I got a notice that the book had still not been returned! Eek! I had some bad thoughts about the woman, and imagined her stealing a library book, but luckily I found it right on the shelf where it's call number said it would be. She must have just set it down somewhere, and not actually handed it to a librarian. But, at least it's solved now! (And now I know where the outdoor return slot is so I can return books myself without having to get the kids out of the car seats.)

As long as we were there, I let Vivi play for a bit in the children's book area. Sun Valley Branch Library is the closest location to where we live (walking distance,) and it also has a decent children's area. There is a small set of risers (only two levels) for kids to sit on, an animal rug, an activity cube, several giant stuffed animals (that most parents seem to agree are probably filthy with germs,) and two small tables with chairs. It's not as awesome as Valley Plaza Branch Library (my current favorite,) but it isn't as bare as Sherman Oaks Branch Library (at the bottom of my list.) Here are a few pictures:

Alex, who can almost sit up unassisted, enjoying the cube!

Vivi got to do some climbing up and down the risers.

Showing about how long the set of risers is. Glad there were
no toe-holds anywhere or she would have climbed even higher!

Rug, some of the stuffed animals, and one of the tables & chairs.

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