Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lake View Terrace Branch Library

Wednesday, August 8, 2012
My Cost: FREE!

12002 Osborne Street

After our drive through the Hansen Dam Recreation Area, we finally reached the target of our destination: the Lake View Terrace Branch Library. The actual library portion is only half of the building. The other part looks like classroom facilities, and I don't know what they are used for. 

Of course, our destination is always the children's area, and despite the small size of the actual library, the children's area is quite nice. There is an alcove lined with a shelf containing lots of books, and just underneath the shelf, a cushioned bench. The bench surrounds a round rug (I was able to lay Alex on the rug and let him stretch out a bit), and a giant activity cube is in the center of that rug, along with lots of stuffed animals. There are two long shelves nearby with more children's books, and two low tables with small chairs lie in between those shelves. There is even a shelf of oversized children's book classics, although the website did not indicate that they have a story time. Also, it was not at all busy. There was only one other child there, despite the fact that kids are still out of school.

Here are the pictures that I got:

Checking out the activity cube!
Baby Alex makes a rare appearance outside the stroller.
The blur definitely captures the way she ran around the library like it was an obstacle course!
Oversized "story time" books!
We had to leave after about a half an hour because Vivi was just getting too wild. But if you have kids who will sit and read quietly, this would be a nice place to let them do it. There's a good playground just out back, and lots of space to take a nice long walk too! Pack a picnic lunch and go for the day! You can get some books at the library, then go lay in the grass and read for a while, and then take a walk, or even go for a swim!

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