Tuesday, August 21, 2012

IKEA Burbank

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
My Cost: $3.99 + tax for my lunch

600 N San Fernando Blvd

I didn't feel like fixing lunch today. So, since it was Tuesday, I decided to take the kids out for IKEA lunch! Remember, kids eat free all day on Tuesdays! I'm not going to lie, we went last Tuesday too, I just didn't blog about it because it was really crowded, and Alex cried most of the time, and it just wasn't a great experience. But today was much better, and I even noticed a few *new* things about the Burbank IKEA Cafe, so let me just mention them quickly.

First of all, I had never noticed that in the far corner (away from the food service) is a children's play area! Check it out:

Rugs, toys mounted to the wall, kid-sized chairs, and a nice, sturdy enclosure. 
Even a TV with kids' movies! (This was a Chipmunks movie.)
Second of all, there are booster seats as well as high chairs. The booster seats at this IKEA seem only to be near that play area. And third of all, near the play area is also a bottle warming station (aka microwave) and free bibs! I totally should use those free bibs!

Alex is showing off the boosters, the bibs, the microwave, and even extra napkins!
 Sadly, still no sign of a nursing lounge. I'm 99.99% sure they don't have one, and if they do, it is very inconveniently located! It might be lost somewhere in the labyrinth...

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